Leadership Team

Meet the team behind the WordPress Guys' success.

Matt Suffoletto

(Head of Customer Success)

Tony Suffoletto

Vice President 
(Head of Sales)


Chief Barketing Officer
(Enjoys treats and walks)

Why we started WP Guys

The average cost to hire a WordPress developer in the U.S. is $72,968 per year. That’s $6,080 every month.

Hiring a developer full time is not in the cards for the average website owner or company.

Hiring a freelancer can cost less money. Most projects will cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to complete.

However, there can be some problems…

- You have to sort through dozens of applicants to find someone reliable
- Projects take days, weeks, and even months to complete
- When you have a new project, you need to start over the entire process again

Finding someone reliable and affordable to make changes to your website, fix bugs that come up, keep your software updated, your website secure, and generally look after your site to maintain its health and performance can become a difficult task.

We started WordPress Guys in 2017 with a vision to become the one resource that website owners can turn to when they have issues with their website or would like to make updates.

Our service starts at $297/month, which is $5,783 less than the cost of a full-time developer per month.
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